Writing Apps on a Budget – Word Online
By: P. J. Mayhair

The final installment in our series “Writing Apps on a Budget” will explore Word Online.

If you are a fan of Microsoft Word, or feel comfortable with it and just do not want to go through learning another program, Microsoft offers Word Online. Word Online offers nearly as many functions as the paid-for program with none of the cost.

Word Online is available through most browsers and works with your OneDrive account (you will need an account on OneDrive to use Word Online, however it has a free option, too.) This allows for automatically backing-up your work and allows it to be available from any machine that has an internet connection. There is also an application for Android and iOS to work on your projects while away from your computer.

Another feature that Word Online offers over its paid counterpart is its real-time collaboration. Multiple people can read through and edit the same document at the same time and each user can see the notes on changes as they are created.

Overall, Word Online is the closest alternative to Microsoft Word as long as you don’t mind needing an internet connection at all times.

This guest post is by P. J. Mayhair. He writes horror and suspense novels and short stories. He enjoys jelly beans, bourbon, and talking about all things writing. You can see his blog at PJMayhair.com and follow him on Facebook.

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