Writing Apps on a Budget – Introduction
By: P. J. Mayhair

Welcome to Melius Scripto Press International (MSPI). The MSPI website is here to help writers find their voice and skills to become published authors. Each month we address different aspects of the writing process and what it takes to be an author.

We will be discussing various word processing software programs. There are a few considered the industry standard; however, these programs often come with a hefty price tag that is daunting for many new authors. Therefore, to help get your work started without causing financial stress, we have chosen to review the free alternatives listed below for their their compatibility with all major operating systems and their reputation in the industry:


This guest post is by P. J. Mayhair. He writes horror and suspense novels and short stories. He enjoys jelly beans, bourbon, and talking about all things writing. You can see his blog at PJMayhair.com and follow him on Facebook.

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