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Getting your book published can be tough. That’s why every author we work with gets a hands-on experience and a quality book — because you deserve the same caliber of design, editing, and marketing that established authors get.


Fiction writing is a challenging craft to master. Good stories are the product of study, practice, revision and more revision. Like all creative arts, writing requires feedback and critique from knowledgeable professionals who can provide direction from a perspective most writers can’t obtain on their own.


Your book not only has to be a good read — it also has to have a striking, brilliant design. An attention-grabbing cover is a fundamental element of your marketing efforts. All of the designers at MSPI can help you create that beautiful book, both inside and out.

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Hard-working authors, editors, readers, artists, and donors who are united by a shared love of great stories, quality writing, and a desire to provide real opportunities to emerging authors, artists, and graphics professionals around the world.

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Headquartered in London in the UK, we champion both learning and publishing opportunities for emerging authors all around the world in their quest for publication and recognition. Our primary goal is to support writers at all stages of their careers through our social media-based learning communities, writing challenges, publication opportunities and contests. We believe that the art of story-telling is the heart of the human community. Stories must be nourished through an understanding of the art and craft of writing and enriched through competent editing, compelling design, and creative promotion.

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