Writing Apps on a Budget – Google Docs
By: P. J. Mayhair

The third installment in our series  “Writing Apps on a Budget” will explore Google Docs.

Google Docs, when compared to MS Word, is prized for its simplicity. Basic word processing options are available for every-day use.

Google Docs saves all files in the Google Cloud in their own format, however, users can export files to MS Word, Adobe PDF, and even ePUB. This Cloud saving feature is also great for backing up your files. You no longer have to worry about your computer crashing and losing your work.

This feature is also useful if you write over multiple devices. You can download Google Docs to Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS. They also feature applications for Android and iOS. Besides all those, you can access and work on your files through most internet browsers without downloading anything to your device. You could start your document on your computer, then work on it on your phone while riding the subway.

This cross-platform access comes with its drawbacks. Google Docs is internet based. If you lose internet signal or the Google servers are unavailable, you are unable to access your files. There is an offline availability option but you must set this up beforehand and there are some issues with offline availability if you work across multiple devices.


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